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What is it like to be a Student Ambassador at Chapel Street, Luton?

Another day in Chapel Street. As our previous residents are moving out we are hard at work in preparation for the arrival of our new guests.

Although we are very busy with all the preparations, we are also very excited to have more guests coming to stay with us. The rooms look amazing and as work is completed to put in a few finishing touches it just keeps getting better.

Our mailbox was installed today (it perfectly matches with the colours of the reception) and is ready to start receiving mail! Also, I am very excited about our new marble-like reception surface. It is so slick-looking and just amazing!

At the same time, work has started externally in preparation for the installation of our logo and sign, made in silver and white, and I can’t wait to see it. Work on the main entrance door was completed just a few days ago.

The automatic door is very handy and just adds not only to the security of the building but also to the completion of our reception, making it even cosier.

The design of the rooms is very contemporary and practical, exactly right for student living. The en-suite flats are a great opportunity to make new friends, as they combine the privacy of having one’s own bedroom and bathroom and socialising in a common kitchen/lounge.

I lived in an en-suite flat as a student and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I made a lot of new friends and have unforgettable memories that will always make me smile. The communal kitchens look amazing too, with brand new appliances and plenty of storage space, which just proves what I thought since I first saw our new accommodation: it just keeps getting better.

Blog post written by Niki Spyropoulou, Student Ambassador @optoliving #teamopto