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[Virtual tour] Take a look around Opto Village student rooms

There is always an element of excitement about entering university. You finally get to breathe in the fresh air of independence that you’ve lacked for the past 18 or more years. As refreshing as this is, however, there is also a lot to take in. Moving to a new city, with new surroundings, new people, and a new course to study, could be difficult to juggle.

With this being said, things could be made easier depending on your chosen accommodation. A great place to live could make all of the difference to your university experience. Whatever your year of study, nobody wants to live in a below-par accommodation and possibly dampen the excitement of the university experience. In light of Opto Living providing a virtual tour of the premises, here are 5 reasons why spending a year or more at Opto Village is the best thing for students.


Onsite Gym

We all know that university is a time to explore. Many students come to university to try new things, and in most cases, the gym is one of them. With students often heading out on holiday at the end of the academic year, the quest for a summer body usually starts during Freshers Week. While many gyms will be offering cheaper rates for students during this period, you won’t find a better deal than Opto Village’s 100% discount! At Opto Village, the free onsite gym gives you the freedom of using the facilities at your own beck and call. Of course, the inclusive Wi-Fi will enable you to check out a few new exercises on your phone as you work out, while the plenteous equipment will help to vary your work out activities. When you add in the occasional personal trainer and fitness events also being held at the gym, you’ll soon find out that spending a year at Opto Village will no doubt be of benefit to your fitness.


Cinema Room

Is there anything better than being at the cinema with your uni mates, chomping on some toffee popcorn with a cool beverage beside you? Well, to be honest there is… How about doing it from the comfort of your own home? The Opto Village cinema room is a great place for students to cool off and watch their favourite movies. With the option of connecting your laptop or games console to the cinema screen (which I’m pretty sure you can’t do at your local cinema) and watching your favourite Netflix movies/TV programmes, or even opting to play your own DVD’s/games, Opto Villages’ cinema room definitely poses as a more convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy movies.


Roof Top Terrace

As a university student, there is no avoiding the fact that you are there to work! But whenever the workload becomes a tad bit stressful, it always helps to find a place a serenity. Staying at Opto Village this coming year will enable you to access the rooftop terrace, a place where you can go to for a little bit of peace and quiet. The beautiful views of Luton Town from the roof top terrace incite a calming, relaxing feeling. With a comfortable seating area and a few comfortable-looking sofas, it is the perfect study environment when preparing for your exams. The use of this area this coming year will surely reduce stress levels.


Conference and Games Room

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and this is certainly the thought when it comes to university. While you’re here to work, there is also a time to unwind and have a good time, and the conference room at Opto Village is perfect for both! With two boardroom-style desks and a large television to connect your laptop to, this would be the perfect setting for a group assignment meeting. Should things get a little tiring, you could always break out the pool sticks and have a little game with your friends to lighten the mood.


Hospitality is a crucial factor when choosing your accommodation. A welcoming smile and homely environment says a lot about the place that you’re about to spend the next academic year. Choosing to stay at Opto Village will mean that you have a 24-hour service available, with staff always on hand. Whether it’s the building administrators, student ambassadors or the security guards, you’ll always have a friendly face greeting you. Alongside this, should you wish to speak to any specific member of staff you will be able to pick up one of their contact cards from the front desk, with their email and numbers on. The reception also boasts of two comfortable seating areas should you feel the need for a little rest or catch up with friends before going off to your room.

There’s no doubt Opto Village is a great choice for accommodation next coming year. With perks such as the onsite gym, free Wi-Fi, cinema room, roof-top terrace, conference & games room and a welcoming reception all included in the package, there few better options for you to choose from. You’re guaranteed to have a great time at Opto Village, but don’t just take my word for it, have a look yourself!

Check out the Opto Village 360 Virtual Tour and get a first-hand feel of your new home!