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A to Z of Student Life in Luton by Opto Living

Opto Living rounds up everything you need to know about student life in Luton.

Accommodation is an important part of student living. Many students settle for substandard or overpriced rooms however, the modern and spacious new-build developments Opto Living provide means that students get more for their money.

Bills, bills, bills. Attending university is not cheap and bills play a big part in everyday life. That’s why all rooms managed by Opto Living have a clear pricing structure and bills are included in the overall cost.

Careers advice. Take advantage of the university’s award-winning Careers and Employment Service. Students can receive free advice from industry professionals linked to their course and potentially arrange valuable work experience.

Discount… All students should take advantage of the discounts available with an Opto Club Card – simply follow the link to apply for a card. From entertainment to food, from shopping to travel, all students should apply for this money saving student perk.

Essays… Love them or hate them, essays are a big, time consuming element of student life.

Fresher’s Week (or Welcome Week) takes place at the start of each academic year and it allows students to explore their new surroundings, meet new friends and take part in fun activities.

Galaxy is Luton’s prime entertainment complex. From bowling to eating out, from a multi-screen cinema to a state-of-the-art gym, Galaxy is located in the town’s centre and is just a short walk from the University’s campus.

Hangovers are a part of student life in the UK and students can easily get carried away with cheap drink deals at the Union. If you do go out drinking, remember to drink water between drinks and stay safe. Information about how to stay safe can be obtained on campus.

International students play an important role in Luton and are a big part of the University of Bedfordshire. With students arriving from over 100 countries from across the globe, the university operates a successful Go Global Programme. What’s more, London Luton Airport is just 3 miles away from the town centre.

Joining societies and clubs can be an incredibly rewarding way to spend your time when studying in Luton. Attending social activities or starting a club can expand your friendship group and could help you share your passion for your hobby or sport with likeminded people.

Knowledge. Learning new skills and expanding on what you already know is one of the most rewarding parts of going to university.

London. Just 22 minutes by train, central London is easily accessible from Luton. Students can simply hop on the train and experience the bright lights of one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Mall. The Mall is located in Luton town centre and has a wide selection of high street stores including Topshop, River Island, Pandora, Primark, Debenhams, Boots as well as a selection of restaurants and a Post Office.

Night life is a large part of student life in the UK and Luton has a selection of bars and clubs. The Student Union also is a popular choice for many. London’s nightlife is just a train ride away and many bars hold student nights or offer happy hour discounts.

Opto Living operates safe and secure student rooms in Luton. These include Park House, Chapel Street and Spring Place (coming soon). All developments have an on-site office so there is always a representative on hand and 24/7 CCTV, secure fob lock systems and a guest book ensure safety and security are a priority.

Park House is one of Opto Living’s hugely successful new-build development of student rooms in Luton. All bills are included in the cost of your stay and you will have free access to an on-site gym, communal rooms with pool tables and more! #teamopto

Quintessentially British past times can be experienced for the very first time by many students (not just overseas students) when moving away from home.  From standing in long queues to moaning about the weather, from trying new foods to exploring local past times, remember to embrace your new surroundings!

Research… The University of Bedfordshire is well known for its world-class research and is home to 10 specialist research institutes.

Sandwich year courses can offer placements in successful businesses or can even help you plan to study abroad for a year. Ask your tutors how a sandwich course could benefit you.

The Student Union acts as the main voice for students in meetings with the University and provides independent advice on a range of issues such as finance, housing, welfare and health. It also has 3 bars across Luton and Bedfordshire.

University of Bedfordshiredo we need to say more about this award-winning higher education institution? No, we thought not.

Volunteering… whether you are volunteering your time to a local charity or community group or setting up valuable work experience, spending your time outside of the student bubble can be rewarding on many levels.

Wi-Fi is the holy grail of modern living and it’s even better when it is free. High speed Wi-Fi comes as standard in all Opto Living developments so you can stay social, connected and can study from the comfort of your student room in Luton.

Xam stress… OK, we are cheating here a little bit but exam stress can be, well… stressful. If you are struggling with the pressure of studying, make sure you share your concerns and talk to someone like a tutor or a member of your Student Union.

Y not? OK, struggling here but asking yourself, ‘Why not?’ could be what takes you out of your comfort zone. Step away from your Netflix marathon sessions and see what’s going on around you. Why not sign up to play in the Opto Living pool tournament? Or why not start using the free on-site gym? Why not hang out with new people in the communal areas of your new home? See… Why not can lead to new and exciting things!

Zzzzzzzz… Student life can be exhausting. With essays, studying and the odd party here and there, it is easy to not get enough shut eye. Remember to stay well rested!

We hope you have enjoyed this A to Z of student life in Luton. Opto Living manages premium student accommodation in Luton, UK. Contact us today!