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Information for parents

Here are some frequently asked questions about your child’s stay. Please feel free to contact Opto Living if you require additional information.

Booking process

In order to complete the booking process, it is required for the student to follow the steps provided.

To reserve one of our rooms you will need to pay the reservation fee of £250. You can pay the reservation fee through our website, by navigating to the page of your location of choice and clicking “Pay your deposit” and following the steps.

Credit/debit cards and PayPal payments are all accepted.

As soon as the payment is completed, please make sure to send a screenshot of the payment confirmation or the office of the location. You may find the relevant contact details at the bottom of the development page. The next, and most crucial step for the completion of your booking is the collection of the supporting documents. Be sure to send us a scanned copy of the following supporting documents as soon as possible:

  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • Confirmation Letter (to confirm you are a student and your term of study)
  • UK Guarantor


It is required for all potential tenants to provide a guarantor as part of the move in process. As a guarantor you are willingly accepting responsibility of paying off any arrears in rent that the tenant owes to the landlord. The guarantor is also expected to support in the payment of any damages that are not covered by the deposit. In order to assume the role of guarantor you will need to be in full-time employment.

All guarantors are required to fill out a Guarantor Form by hand before returning it either via email or in person. Along with this form, you must also produce 2-3 recent pay slips and a proof of address (e.g. utility bill, council bill, etc.) on submission.

Tenancy agreement

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement is a legally binding document that acts as a contract between the landlord and the student (tenant). Once the document is signed, it will be valid until it reaches its expiry date or by a mutual agreement to terminate is reached. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement between the involved parties. It is required for this agreement to be signed in order for the tenant to move into the landlord’s property.

The tenancy agreement ensures that the tenant can live within the landlord’s property provided he/she complies with the rules that have been set out and pays rent on time as agreed. More details on the tenancy agreements can be found on the Terms & Condition page of our website. This section of the website as well as the tenancy agreement itself should be carefully read before being signed. Feel free to ask any questions to our members off staff and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Safety and security

We know that the safety and security of our tenants is of the utmost importance and have made this a priority at our accommodations. With state of the art CCTV cameras embedded in all three buildings, tenants have good reason to feel safe within our premises. The reception desk is open to the public on a 24-hour basis, with security guards on hand 7 days a week. Should tenants have any queries they are free to speak to members of staff at the reception.

All of our working databases are encrypted with passwords, so your information is in safe hands with very slim risk of them being misused or falling into the wrong hands.

Each of our buildings are fitted with fire alarm systems that are tested on a weekly basis to ensure they are all in working order. In addition to this, there numerous fire exits located around the building in case of any circumstances in which they will need to be used.


At Opto Living we have maintenance staff working across our three buildings. Tenants are required to fill out a maintenance form which can be collected at the reception desk. After this has been submitted, a member of the maintenance team will proceed to fix the issue. We aim to fix all raised issues within 24-hours.

Students with disabilities

Opto Living is always thinking about the various diversities of students, including those with disabilities. We provide accessible studio rooms which have ample amount of space for tenants to manoeuvre. Alongside this we also have elevators within all three buildings, as well as automatic doors, making it easier when entering and moving around the building.


No pets are permitted to be brought into any of the buildings.

Parent testimonials

Optoliving is a great accommodation within a short walking distance from the university. A safe environment for students to live in with a 24-hour reception, which has eased my worries as a parent. The rooms and facilities are excellent!

Claire Slocombe

As a parent, I am very happy to say that my daughter has been staying in such accommodation concerning the high standard facilities Opto Living provides. Being aware that she is studying in a foreign country if feel secure that she is staying in such a safe accommodation which is only 5 minutes’ walk distance from the University. Also, she has been offered a great Studio room that includes all the bills and therefore we have no extra costs to cover. Finally, having seen Luton myself I can confirm that Opto Living is the greatest Student Accommodation in Luton and I would definitely recommend it to all the students.

Elizabeth Korfiati

When our daughter decided to spend her master year at the University of Bedfordshire, we were looking for a good place for her to stay. We found that place in Opto Living in Luton. The staff were always very helpful, friendly, reliable and obliging. Our daughter lived in a brand-new building together with three of her friends. Everyone had their own room with a bathroom. Inside the building are a cinema, a gym, a front desk, where there is staff available 24/7. We thought the rental prices are very reasonable. Our daughter has enjoyed her stay at Opto Living and always felt safe there. We will definitely recommend Opto Living to other parents as well.

Tamara Kleber’s Mother