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5 things you should bring to university

At #teamopto, students often ask us what they should pack. That’s why we have rounded up our top 5 things you should bring to university.

5 things you should bring to university

Photos of your family and friends

Your room is your space, so why not bring some photographs of your loved ones from back home?

Seeing photos of familiar faces will help if you are feeling homesick too.

Stay safe

For many people, moving into a student development like Park House or Opto Village will be their first time away from home.

A small First Aid Kit including items like plasters, headache tablets, eye drops, antibacterial wipes and cold or flu tablets may seem like a dull thing to bring to university however, we can guarantee that you (or one of your housemates) will need one of these items.

Keep it clean

Simple things like a laundry bag or basket will come in handy.

You won’t have to go far to wash your clothes as laundry rooms are on-site in Park House and Chapel Street however, you may wish to bring a handy basket or bag to carry your washing in.

If you are on a budget, buy a fold down clothes horse for your room so you can dry your clothes. Delicate items and certain materials like wool shouldn’t go in the tumble dryer. Save your favourite items by hanging them out to dry.

Somewhere to store your dirty laundry will also stop your chair or floor from becoming a second wardrobe.

Stay organised

It’s the mundane, everyday things which often get left behind. A reliable alarm clock which you can set the night before will make sure you don’t miss any lectures – especially if you have been out and have forgotten to charge your phone.

A wall calendar will help you plan your week and will help you get organised for upcoming exams to deadlines for papers.

Some sensible clothing

The UK is known for its temperamental weather so it is best to pack a few key items just in case. It can rain at any time of the year so an umbrella and sensible shoes are a must. A winter coat along with gloves, hat and a scarf will be needed in winter months and although it rarely gets hotter than 30 degrees, you may wish to pack something light for the summer months.

Don’t panic if you don’t have these items, the Mall Luton is just around the corner from our buildings and it has a wide selection of shops.


Do you agree with #teamopto 5 things you should bring to university? Do you have a suggestion? Contact Opto Living on Twitter and let us know!